We all have those days in our lives that are so meaningful and impactful that they can either make us or break us. Certain dates are embedded into our minds because of such significance, and I am about to share mine. I hope by sharing this story people will seek refuge and help because life […]


OUTLIVE; The Stigma

I have received a lot of messages and questions. I am so grateful for every person who has reached out. We are in the works of something big (hint at end) but for right now I’ll continue to write in my blog. I am going to pick a question and blog about it. This is […]

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OUTLIVE; The Mission

At a young age, it was always a goal for me to go on a mission. I thought a mission would be this easy, fun task where you go out and just teach people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We always grow up knowing the mission is the thing we are supposed to do […]

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OUTLIVE; Bend Don’t Break

Living in the sport’s world, we are trained to be mentally tough and to battle through adversity. Sometimes we are pushed so far passed our comfort zone by coaches and trainers that we feel like we personally hit the end and need to quit. But yet, there is always something inside us that continues to […]

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OUTLIVE; The Tendency

Life is hard sometimes, we deal with things in life that are unexpected. It is a normal part of living in this crazy world. We all experience it whether we are an athlete or not. I am currently 23 years of age trying to navigate my way just like everyone else. We each have our […]

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